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Welcome to the Plurisons Festival, an international contemporary music festival based in Belo Horizonte between the 13th and 21st of July 2024.

In its third edition, the festival has grown, and its program includes concerts, workshops and masterclasses for composers as well as performers and researchers. Furthermore,  we have a new workshop dedicated to writing about contemporary music, and aimed at music critics and theorists.

The program will include 6 concerts with works composed in the last twenty years as well as several premieres. The proposal is to present a diverse perspective on musical creation in the world today, including works from the Americas, Europe and Asia. The guest performers for the 2024 edition are renowned musicians on the Brazilian and international scene, members of ensembles specialized in contemporary repertoire in Brazil, USA, Spain, and France.

Workshops will be held throughout the festival in various fields of contemporary music, including workshops of repertoire interpretation workshops, improvisation workshops, and instrumental and electroacoustic composition workshops. The selected performers will participate in the concerts, while the selected composers will have works premiered throughout the festival.

The proposal thus aims to allow young performers and composers to work with experienced artists, including rehearsals and revisions, staging of important works from the contemporary repertoire, in addition to the premiere of works in concert.

​The Plurisons Festival is established as a festival that offers a panorama of contemporary musical creation, exploring creative processes and addressing different aspects such as composition, improvisation and interpretation, and the multiple facets of the art of sounds.


Vertixe Sonora

Ensemble Plurisons

Miki Sasaki

Remy Reber

Electroacoustic music

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