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The workshop is open to any instrument, those selected must have a high level of instrumental proficiency, but do not need to have previous experience in free improvisation. The content of the workshop aims to offer improvisation techniques, addressing an open musical language that explores self-referential models of organization of sound language, including the exploration of instrumental techniques. The workshop includes 2-hour work sessions over 4 days.


note: By way of clarification, this is not a popular music or jazz improvisation workshop.


Pedagogical team:

Fernando Rocha

Remy Reber

Alexandre Zamith

Workshop content:

  • Free improvisation work with the festival teachers

  • They addressed improvisation methods, extended techniques, construction and musical conduction in improvisation.

  • The result of the workshop can be presented to the public




Send resume and recording. If you have experience in the area, send recordings of free improvisation. If there is no prior experience, send recordings of works from the repertoire (preferably with works that cover extended techniques)

Workshop cost R$150,00

Note: The selection process will attempt to take gender parity  into account.

REGISTRATION – CLICK HERE (Registration ends on April 15th)

Number of participants: Maximum 8

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