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for instrument players



The workshop is open to any instrument and does not require prior experience in contemporary repertoire. The selection will be made based on the level of instrumental practice. The workshop's repertoire will be established in dialogue with the festival's management, and may include chamber, group and solo works with electronics. Participants will take classes with performers on the same instrument, or from the same family of instruments. 


Pedagogical team:

  • Batista Jr. (Clarinet)

  • Miki Sazaki (Brass)

  • Fernando Rocha (Percussion)

  • Alexandre Zamith (Piano)

  • Marina Salles (Strings)

  • Elise Pittenger (Strings)

  • Januibe Tejera (Conducting)

  • Remy Reber (Guitar)

  • Gabriel Araújo (Electronics)


Workshop content:

  • Participants will receive up to 3 works to be prepared for the festival

  • 1 work may be with electronics

  •  Individual classes with the festival's teachers, covering extended techniques, sound matters, working with electronics, and interpretation of contemporary repertoire.

  • Those selected will be invited to join the festival's ensemble, playing 1 or 2 works from the contemporary repertoire with the teachers.



  1. Send your CV and recording of two works (preferably contemporary repertoire, but not necessarily)

  2. If there is a work you would like to work on during the festival, please also indicate it on the application form

Workshop cost R$250,00

Candidates can register for more than one workshop, in which case the second will have its value reduced to R$150.00


REGISTRATION – CLICK HERE (Registration ends on April 15th)


Note: The selection process will attempt to take gender parity into account.


Number of participants: Maximum 12

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