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Ticiano Rocha - Electroacoustic


Born in João Pessoa, Ticiano Rocha studied composition with Eli-Eri Moura (Brazil) and Virgílio Melo (Portugal). He also participated in Masterclasses with the composers Manuel Hidalgo and Beat Furrer. He has premiered works in several countries such as Brazil, Portugal and Mexico and in festivals such as the Biennial of Contemporary Brazilian Music in Mato Grosso and the Biennial of Contemporary Brazilian Music in Rio de Janeiro, the latter with the work Digressão de Força awarded in 2015.

His works recorded on CD include: Daedalus recorded on the CD Brassil Interpreta Compositores da Paraíba; Second Dance, recorded on the CD Works for Guitar by Teresinha Prada; and Vibrações do Ar, recorded on the CD Sopros da Cidade produced by COMPOMUS.

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