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Sound Vertixe


Since its presentation in 2011, Vertixe Sonora has developed an intense activity throughout the territory, with national and international tours. In addition to the 244 concerts performed, there are also informative and educational activities. Concerts in dialogue with the arts, with knowledge, with technology, with a strong commitment to musical creation that has generated 290 world premieres of composers from 46 different countries.

A decade of own productions and concerts in different festivals and cycles in Spain. Its international recognition has allowed him to perform on stages in Germany, United States, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong and South Africa.

Martín Codax Award 2016 of Contemporary Classical Music, his work was collected in the documentaries Sonutopias (campUSCulturae of the University of Santiago de Compostela, 2014), Correspondencias Sonoras (Manuel del Río, 2013) and La lira del desierto (Manuel del Río 2020) , the latter in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the birth of the composer Enrique X. Macías. In addition to the CD with the finalist works of the XXVI Premio Jóvenes Compositores Fundación SGAE-CNDM, they recorded for WERGO the cycle Die Wanderung by the composer Lula Romero, and for the NEOS label The Dimension of the Fragile (2019), a monograph on the Mexican composer Víctor Ibarra, and a monograph in 20222 on the Colombian composer Camilo Méndez.

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